The GAS CHECKER is an HFC R-134a and HFO R-1234yf refrigerant gas analyzer module. This portable device is able to analyze the gas contained in an external cylinder or in the system of a car,  establishing the degree of purity and any contaminants contained. The test will be positive if the detection of R-134a gas (or R-1234yf, based on the test chosen) results in a concentration higher than 95% of the gas contained. Moreover, the GAS CHECKER will also provide the percentage indication of the compositions divided into R-134a, R-1234yf, R22, HC and Aria. GAS CHECKER is also provided with a module that allows the printing of the result obtained.


GAS CHECKER - Portable R-134a and R-1234yf analyzer



- 3.5” graphic interface with multilingual software   

- Dual power supply: 12V DC - 100 / 240V
- Standard printer  

- Internal chamber flushing pump
- Purity standards both according to VDA regulations

  (ok - not ok >95%) and with percentage of R-134a or R-1234yf gas and conta- minants
- Operative Temperature Range: 10°C - 50°C
- Analyzed gas: R-134 / R-1234yf
- Test duration: 60 sec (+ calibration)


13.705/1: Thermal paper roll
13.705/2: Filter to retain impurities

13.705/3: Brass filter

**Included with this appliance we will find a quick coupling for R-134a and a quick coupling for R-1234yf (both with special connection tube), a power socket to connect to the vehicle via cable with pliers and a 220V AC power supply. with a suitable 220V AC / 12V DC transformer and, finally, a roll of thermal printer paper.


                                        13.526:           Electric flushing unit

                                        13.511:           Flush adapters kit - 2 pieces
                                   2x 13.197YT :      Yellow hose 1800 mm

                                                               F1/4 SAE 180° x F1/4 SAE 180° in teflon

                                   1x :                       External plastic container 10 liters

                                   2x :                       Transparent hose 1500 mm

                                                               F1/4 SAE 180° x F1/4 SAE 180°.

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