Specific products for the cleaning

of FAP/DPF, of EGR valves, of throttle bodies


as well as automatic transmissions

and for the research of engine losses.

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The particulate filter, also known by the acronyms FAP or DPF, is an exhaust gas purification device, installed on diesel cars, that ensures engine efficiency and helps reduce harmful emissions.


Problems can arise when traveling on urban and short journeys, during which the filter does not have time to reach the high temperature necessary to activate the regeneration process.


Egr Valves

The Egr valve (Exaust gas recirculation) is used in diesel engines (but also petrol engines) to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. This is achieved by reintroducing part of the exhaust gases into the cylinders: this way, the combustion temperature is lowered as well as the production of NOx

This entails the possibility that the recirculation valve blocks due to the deposits that accumulate, especially in the case of frequent use of the car on short journeys and at low speeds or when the injection system does not ensure regular combustion.


Throttle body
Valve Cleaner

The throttle body is a fundamental mechanical or electromechanical component of the controlled ignition internal combustion engine,

The throttle body usually needs no maintenance and should last as long as the car. However, the control motor could fail and, sometimes, the compartment around the throttle could be dirty, which could cause idling irregularities.


Automatic GearBox

The automatic gearbox autonomously selects the appropriate gear ratio in motor vehicles, and therefore does not require any intervention.

Our products are specifically designed for efficient cleaning of automatic transmission gearboxes. They are also compatible with all seals and components of automatic transmissions.