POWER FREEZE is a product that, catalysing the air conditioning system, decreases the energy consumption and increases the perfor- mance of the system itself. Thanks to its innovative formulation, it is able to decrease the friction coefficient and it also provides an intense cleaning of the surfaces of the pipes, optimising the heat exchange and allowing the air conditioner to operate at maximum efficiency. The air produced will be colder and will circulate faster, reducing the maintenance costs and extending the system life. Moreover, thanks to the increase of lubricant power and the decrease of friction, the compressor will undoubtedly perform better.


For systems up to 1,0 KG of refrigerant gas use 30 ml of the product (1 syringe);

for systems from 1,0 KG to 3,0 of refrigerant gas use 60 ml of the product (2 syringes).






-  POWER FREEZE 150 ml*

-  POWER FREEZE  30 ml    

*See also our selection of injectors and adapters:

13.028/2, (Syringe injector 60 ml + hose F1/4 SAE 45° with check valve ),

13.028/3 ( Syringe injector 60 ml + hose F15/16 SAE 45° with check valve ),

13.041R  Hand turn dye injector 60 ml and hose F1/4 SAE 45° + adapter M1/4 SAE x F5/16 SAE

88.644   Adapter M1/4 SAE x F5/16 SAE

-  Acid Test

(plastic bottle)






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