Gas Refrigerant

The R-744 refrigerant gas represents an ecological alternative

to fluorinated refrigerants. 


R-744 is CO2, which is a natural, non-toxic and non-flammable gas,

which does not damage the ozone layer

and has an extremely low direct greenhouse effect.

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Leak Detector

The electronic leak detectors allow to quickly and effectively identify the micro-leaks in the A/C system where a particular refrigerant gas or hydrogen has been inserted.

The system no longer reaches the required cooling capacity and, in the worst-case scenario, the system components can be damaged.



A range of professional pressure regulators for 1 and 5 liter cylinders.

They allow you to adjust the flow of compressed gas to be introduced into the A/C system.

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Manifold Gauge
2-way pressure gauges

Pressure gauges are essential devices for most AC/R system maintenance interventions, thanks to which we can always keep the system pressure under control.


Useful for diagnosis, maintenance, charging and discharging of the refrigerant gas.



A pair of 1500 mm hoses in reinforced neoprene with F1/4” SAE (7/16-20UNF-2B) swivel connections.


Maximum pressure 130 bar. Maximum bursting pressure 700 bar. They comply with the EN/1736/PED standard.

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Lubricant & Uv Additive
for CO2  R-744

Lubricants and UV additives specifically designed to be used on the new R-744a refrigerant gas systems.

For sake of completeness, we offer you both products with a PAG base and a POE base.