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Who we are

Leading Company in
A/C automotive
& Refrigeration systems

Who we are

our history

Elke is a manufacturing company based in Torino. Its core business is the manufacturing and trade of products for the maintenance, cleaning and sanitization of A/C systems in the Automotive and HVAC industry.

Twenty years experience, care for quality and detail, innovation and a team of young under 30 professionals: this is the winning formula of Elke.

Elke addresses to three different markets:

•  Automotive A/C systems
•  A/C systems in domestic and industrial sectors

•. Domestic and industrial refrigeration

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Who we are

our projects

As a well-established leader in the Automotive market at an international level, Elke is now playing a crucial role in the sanitizing segment, in the HORECA and HVAC sectors.


Elke approaches this market with a completely innovative strategy: a new range of detergents formulated with 100 % vegetable surfactants, becoming a leading "Green" pioneer in the "FOOD and HOTELLERIE" market.

Innovation, professionalism and passion drive our work every day, and they will be the boost of our continuous growing and achievements.

Our numbers

our growth



+24 %


Year Established

Mq warehouse

Turnover  2021

Comp. employees

Our certification

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Our journey


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